U-Caring Intangible Financial System


U-Caring is orientated by its unique fusion concept of internet economy + physical economy, which is the first futuristic economic model in the world.  U-Caring provides convenient, cost saving, quality assured and high speed consumer shopping channel for billions of its members throughout the world.

We aim to brand U-Caring as the most viable platform for human beings in order to implement the five goals: • Internet users as shareholders • Fusion of work and leisure • Personal branding • Entrepreneurship assistance • Resource capitalization

The fusion model of internet economy + physical economy consists of 3 core features – sky network (internet) + ground network (physical store) + human network (U-Caring global consumers and members).  This innovative model will integrate different industries into a single entity through “Alliance” and create endless new business opportunities, providing members and shareholders of U-Caring with refreshing life experience as well as generation of unlimited income.

U-Caring and its trio of networks have unprecedented potential that would make them the game changer of the current era.

Sky network (internet e-commerce)

Sky network is essentially an online departmental store that is not dissimilar to the integrated online shopping platform founded by ALIBABA group. Sky network consists of two parts:

  1. Consumer platform that serves the members of U-Caring. This platform allows the exchange of information between different industries in order to complete B2B (Business to Business) transactions. B2B refers to the business model in which corporate uses U-Caring personalized network to exchange and transfer data information as well as carry out trading activities. It will be closely integrated with customers and able to provide outstanding customer service through the rapid response of network.
  2. E-commerce shopping platform that serve the internet users around the world. This is characterized by business without boundaries and the ultimate goal of U-Caring is to reach out to the 7 billion of global populations.

Ground network (physical store)

The flagship of ground network is e500+ physical store. After members make an online purchase, they would be able to retrieve the products from designated e500+ physical store. This is known as O2O, (Online To Offline), the integration of offline business opportunities and internet, in which internet acts as the front-line for offline transactions.

e500+ is the physical entity of U-Caring in the eye of our world. It is the media that bridges and connects both e-commerce and physical world. As an optimized system that operates 24 hours a day, e500+ is able to provide the best service for members around the world. e500+ would also be the first physical store in the world that utilizes the virtual currency of U-Caring in their payment and transaction. e500+ is an innovative model that would bring endless business opportunities and unlimited wealth to their members.

Human network

The connection and network formed by U-Caring members and consumers is the most valuable asset. You are creating your own personal business opportunities at the same time when you promote the company’s corporate ideology to the people around you. This is a win-win solution for everyone and you don’t even need to contribute or invest anything at all.