U-Caring Timeline

2015, October – Registration of U-Caring Holding Limited

2015, 11 November – U-Caring Holding Limited was officially introduced in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2015, December – U-Caring exclusive platform for selfie contest was launched and the contest would be held monthly thereafter

U-Caring Holding Limited organized the first investment conference in Bangkok

2016, February – The online lucky draw platform was launched in Malaysia during the Chinese New Year festive celebration.  The first winner of an automotive was announced on the same occasion.

2016, March – Registration of U-Caring Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd in China

2016, April – Initiative to explore Chinese market was started, beginning in Shandong province

2016, May – “Free cars everyday” policy was introduced and 25 luxurious automotives have been given out globally

2016, June – Exploring the market in Shandong and Shanxi province; headquarter in Malaysia was fully operational

2016, July – Implementation of the following:

  1. Investment in Malaysian private jet service
  2. Investment in Guizhou healthcare and nursing base, memorandum of co-operation was signed by both parties
  3. Investment in a high-end seafood restaurant in Phuket, Thailand
  4. Investment in a 5D art gallery

2016, August – e500 Mall, a subsidiary of U-Caring Holding Limited, was launched in Hong Kong

2016, September – e500+ went online www.e500mall.com

2016, October

  • Set up of Nanning branch
  • Set up of Beihai branch
  • Set up of North East provincial branch
  • Set up of Zhangjiakou branch
  • Set up of Suizhong branch
  • Set up of Kunming branch
  • Set up of Changchun branch
  • Set up of Jiangsu branch
  • Set up of Wuxi branch

2016, 11 November – The first e500+ chain convenience store was opened officially

2017, September – Establishment of the world’s first WorldCoin restaurant

2017, 29 September – Set up PT.China Internet International in Indonesia, obtained eCommerce license

2017, 3 October – Set up U-Caring Limited EOOD in Bulgaria, obtained Cryptocurrency license


Plans and projects for upcoming 5-10 years

  1. Set up 100 premises of e500+ chain convenience store globally
  2. Establish international fashion brand store
  3. Bridging between e500 Mall and e500+ chain convenience store
  4. Implement the integrated system on shareholders and partners (world’s first)
  5. Encourage traditional entity manufacturers to inest in U-Caring Holding Limited
  6. Introduction  of “WorldCoin” and circulation of the currency in global market
  7. Expanding the number of new U-Caring second term shareholders
  8. Repurchase the first term capital stock to provide cash return for first term shareholders
  9. Promotion of U-Caring Cloud Trading and introduction of capital stock for theme park construction in the international market  
  10. Delineate the location for world’s first theme park
  11. Upgrade the platform for selfie contest and lucky draw as an effort for diversification
  12. Implementation of elite training course to train more outstanding leaders
  13. Implementation of U-Caring elite trainers headquarters
  14. Implement the investment in China private jet service
  15. Achieve the target of 1 million recruitment by 2019
  16. Establish a film and television media advertising company to cultivate talented Cloud Family
  17. Development and promotion of Connected-Items-Network (globally united system)
  18. Implement the intangible financial system advocated by U-Caring Holding Limited
  19. Implement the first chain theme park resort
  20. Listing of at least 2 subsidiaries under U-Caring Holding Limited  
  21. Foundation of Future Art Academy
  22. Foundation of a research and development centre for the technology products of U-Caring
  23. Investment in logistic companies
  24. Achieve the target of 50 million recruitments
  25. Foundation of educational charity organization
  26. Establishment of U-Caring Holding Limited headquarter
  27. To train 5 elite shareholders of  Cloud Family that worth hundred million of assets, 100 elite Cloud Family that worth ten million of assets and more than 5,000 elites worth million of assets
  28. Achieve brand value of more than 1 billion for U-Caring Holding Limited
  29. Production of an international film funded by U-Caring Holding Limited