U-Caring Business Plan

The 10 platforms mentioned would be categorized into three major phases, namely short-term, intermediate and long-term projects. Our management team would supervise the progress and review regularly to ensure their smooth implementation. Our ideological guide to these mentioned projects is based on the principle of “Zhang Jian’s Five Elements System”.

Short-term projects, 1-3 years

  • Initiation as an internet platform
  • Activate online shopping platform
  • Establish and activate an internet advertising platform
  • Establish U-Caring recruitment system
  • Establish U-Caring system
  • Develop, activate and disseminate the use of U-Caring WorldCoin (WLRD1)
  • Investment in international film production company (United States, China, Hong Kong)
  • Activate U-Caring QR members system
  • Investment and integration of national and international daily products
  • Establish system for logistic service (online and offline)
  • Develop our fast food chain (minimum of 500 premises globally, with 100 premises located in China)

Intermediate projects, 4-6 years

  1. Develop mobile store (global pioneer) as an initiative to connect with U-Caring internet platform
  2. Establish Research and Development (R&D) Centre for creative daily products
  3. Develop internet based applications and products
  4. Develop U-Caring creative fashion and design house
  5. Initiation and establishment of U-Caring global production line
  6. Explore U-Caring private jet and aviation service
  7. Comprehensive global upgrade of U-Caring system
  8. Promotion of U-Caring members’ welfare fund / bonus return for shareholders
  9. Foundation of U-Caring international online charity organization

Long-term projects, 7-10 years

  1. Establish an internal evaluation agency of listed company – seek for the optimum timing for company’s listing
  2. Develop global chain for U-Caring theme park and resort (new model)
  3. Integration of all industries through “Alliance” and exploration of new business opportunities (food and beverage, entertainment, accommodation, transport and clothing)
  4. Promotion of U-Caring worldwide internet platform as the ultimate goal of human’s daily life
    • Internet users as shareholders
    • Fusion of work and leisure
    • Personal branding
    • Entrepreneurship assistance
    • Resource capitalization