10 Platforms of U-Caring

The 10 Platforms of U-Caring

Here at U-Caring, we practise the concept of “Alliance”! Our members are shareholders and this platform is owned by all of us. The 10 platforms would operate based on an integrated mode that combines sky network, ground network and human network. This is the high end e-commerce model that resembles U-Caring. Our business network covers:

*Zhang Jian Theme Park Resort

- Customers can create more values while having fun and enjoying their accommodation.


While you are spending your money at the fast food franchise, you can continue to operate your business uninterrupted and keep up-to-date with the current world in order to achieve excellent sales performance. This is a unique business model that exceeds the boundary of time and space with non-stop operating hours.

*Golden Wing Private Aviation Service

- Enjoy the freedom of soaring in the sky

*111Digital Media Production

-Explore the hidden talents and fulfil their dream of film production

* “A” Apparel and Gold Accessories

- Create our own apparel brand to increase our brand value and aim to become the icon of fashion world along with Milan

*Intelligent Living

- Design stylish, avant-garde and unique home appliances.

*Future Art Academy

- Nurturing creative art and design talents for future use.

*DTD Logistics

- Regroup global logistic companies and establish our own logistics and service strength.

*TEC World Research and Development Centre

- Recruit and exquisite the world's most unique industrial technology along with the latest patent rights, in order to meet the company's demand for related technology, while increasing the company's brand value. A strong basis for company listing in the future.

*U-Caring Charity Organization

- The fund would constantly subsidize and provide incentive for U-Caring members and their children who study at Future Art Academy. Social welfare and charity are our way of giving back to the community.