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Dato Sri Steven Yong

Excellent vision and great sense of responsibility are molded form none but one’s very own wisdom and courage.

Malaysia 2017 Top Entrepreneur - Dato Sri Steven Yong In his earlier years was an internationally acclaimed architect who participated in various renowned projects, including International Exposition, Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and its premium lounge as well as Petronas Twin Tower.

Later on, Dato Sri Steven Yong entered the multi-level marketing (MLM) field. With his robust integrity and strong dedication, he successfully earned his reputation in the industry after years of hard work. He has seen through the industry after gaining vast amount of experience and came to the realization that anything that goes against humanity and public trend would neither last long or survive.

While a lot of companies and management were troubled by their own operational model and performance, Dato Sri Steven Yong is the one who thinks outside the box and becomes the game changer. He developed a win-win business model that emphasizes on humanity and the lack of pressure. This is the concept known as “Alliance”, a high end electronic commerce (e-commerce) model that integrates everything from food and drinks, entertainment, clothing to accommodation and healthcare.

The emergence of internet provides the best tool that could be utilized by anyone. With the convenience and influence of technology, Dato Sri Steven Yong rides on the shoulder of a giant and advances all the way into the future, unstoppable by anyone.

“Internet and Wi-Fi rapidly connect the population throughout the entire world, producing huge impact on both personal life and entrepreneurial environment. You could either choose to embrace the change or become obsolete and phased out. We do not aim for the Asian market because we must dare to look further and set our ultimate goal as the 7 billion global populations. With the advancement of e-commerce, nothing is impossible! New economic era is impending, are you ready for the great challenge? ”


Malaysia Top Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

Malaysia Top Entrepreneur Award

Malaysia Top Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

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2017 AMAEA Asia Medical Aesthetic Forum & Asia Top Brand Masters Awards


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