U-Caring Holding Limited


Endless business opportunities * Win-win solution for everyone

U-Caring believes that it is better to benefit and rely on one another rather than continuing the merciless and meaningless fight against each other. Therefore, we developed a platform that mutually benefits everyone, providing a win-win solution for everyone. U-Caring is able to connect everyone through the trio of sky network, ground network and human network in our platform, in order to start a new partnership or to acquaint new friends. We are helping countless people to fulfill their dreams of being entrepreneurs and bring colors to our life at the same time.

Vision: allows our members to become shareholder through the “Alliance” concept and create a friendly, mutual environment for common operation of global platform.

Mission: utilizing the world’s first high end e-commerce model to generate unlimited income that could fulfill all your dreams.


Zhang Jian Theme Park

E500+ Mall

“A” Apparel and Gold Accessories

DTD Logistics

Golden Wing Private Aviation Service

111Digital Media Production

Intelligent Living

Future Art

TEC World Research and Development Centre

U-Caring Charity Organization